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Places can be the same, but experience cannot. Discover the best landscapes flying hot air balloon, Vuela en Globo has the best service and the best security conditions in hot air flights, to make your trip the best experience of the life, because the lanscapes look best from altitude.

You can find it a few meters from San Carlos Tequisquiapan Hotel. Note that this company is completely alien to the Hotel thus for more information or clarification you must contact "Vuelo en Globo".

  1. All our pilots are certified and hold a current license by DGAC and some hold a current FAA as well.
  2. All the globes possess matriculation, certificate and insurance
  3. We have the only DGAC authorized hot air balloon repair center in Mexico.
  4. All the passengers are covered by an insurance policy, which is included in the price of your air fare.
  5. Our fleet is composed by a variety of 3 types of aircraft with airworthiness certificate issued by DGAC.
  6. We are currently the only DGAC certified hot air balloon manufactuing plant in Mexico and have been in production since 1982.
What does the flight includes?
  1. Flight
  2. Toast
  3. Flight certificate
  4. Breakfast
  5. Flight insurance
For More Information
  1. 01(414) 273-0202
  2. 01(414) 273-2042
  3. 01(414) 273-0283

Route San Carlos Tequisquiapan Hotel to Vuelo en Globo